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Pipe Up! 

Your Legacy for Generations:

Most every major concert hall around the globe features a professional concert pipe organ. Such instruments are considered to be as essential to a preeminent concert hall as is having a premium concert grand piano. The new Sedona Conservatory Concert Hall will likewise have its own grand concert instrument.

In this initial stage of fundraising, we are asking people around the globe to make a visionary investment in the largest concert hall organ in the world. How? ‘Buy a Pipe!’ as a restorative sponsorship! Our current goal is to sell 2,500 pipes for $100 each.  For this ‘Sedona Visionary’ Donation Level and above, your name and the specific pipe(s) your donation supports will be permanently inscribed within the instrument’s magnificent case. When visiting Sedona Conservatory, you will also receive preferred seating at organ concerts & events. 

 If a lower ‘Sedona Friends’ donation of $25 or $50 better suits your situation, consider making a General Donation. Simply go to any other page on this site for the ‘Donate’ button. How about joining with a few of your friends & family to ‘Buy a Pipe!’ (or several) together?

Your supportive donation is an important culturally-significant statementIn honor of family, friends, organizations, or even that music teacher who first ignited your love of music, please consider purchasing an additional pipe or two.  We ‘Thank you! in advance. 

There are over 12,700 pipes available for ‘purchase.’ If you are interested in selecting your specific pipe or even a full set of pipes (a ‘rank’), please contact us.

The Sedona Conservatory Concert Organ

The Sedona Conservatory has located and secured two highly acclaimed landmark American organs: the Estey Magnum Opus 2981 (1931) from Claremont/Pomona College,  and the Aeolian-Skinner Opus 230-A (1955) from Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. The Aeolian-Skinner organ is already located in Sedona and the Claremont instrument is ready to be transported.

Both of these historic organs will be reestablished so that each may be played individually from their magnificent original consoles. However, a new 5-keyboard console is being designed to play both of these organs as one cohesive instrument. The final organ will total 235 pipe sets, comprising more than 12,700 individual pipes, making it by far the largest concert hall organ in the world.

Click these links to learn more about these Two Historic Organs and the Sedona Conservatory.

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